Conservation to Begin on Steel Beams from World Trade Center

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PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA . . . The Board of County Supervisors recently approved the design for the memorial using the steel beams from the World Trade Center. The beams have been in storage at the Prince William Public Safety Academy and will be moved to the Sean T. Connaughton Plaza on Monday, June 24, 2013, in preparation for conservation and final installation on the Ellipse at the Prince William County Government Complex.

In May 2011, the New York Port Authority in New York and New Jersey signed an agreement granting the County four pieces of steel from the towers which were destroyed in the terrorist attacks on 9-11.

County staff will begin to remove the concrete from the beams over the weekend. The concrete will be saved for future use. Preservationists will then remove surface rust and chemically treat the beams to prevent future rust.

At the same time, the workers will prepare the beams for installation. Design work and construction will begin on the memorial where the beams will be installed. Each beam will be taken for installation as preservationists finish conserving them.

“We’re going to start the design of the actual memorial along with the conservation of the steel,” said Brendon Hanafin, the County’s Historic Preservation Division Chief. “We’re hoping to be putting up pieces as they finish them.”

Hanafin said county residents will be able to watch as conservation work proceeds. “We’re probably going to have a couple of days a week, hopefully, where we’ll be able to say ‘C’mon over and see what they’re doing.’”

Hanafin hopes the work will be completed by Sept. 11, but things might not align in time to meet that deadline.

The Board allocated $185,000 from excess Transient Occupancy Tax revenue and $200,000 from the Administrative Contingency Reserve to the Department of Public Works to complete the project.


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