Consider Adopting a Mutt on Dec. 2, National Mutt Day

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Provided by Prince William County

Animal shelters across the country accept more than 3.3 million dogs each year and each one needs a forever home, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

About 80 percent of dogs that come into shelters are mixed breeds, or mutts, but mutts offer as much love, loyalty and companionship as any purebred dog.

Dec. 2 is National Mutt Day and is set aside to encourage people to consider adopting a mutt, even though the dog’s lineage can be unclear and their features a bit muddled. National Mutt Day is also celebrated on July 31 each year.

Mutts tend to live longer, are healthy, happier and often more easily trained verses their purebred counterparts.

Getting a dog, purebred or mixed breed, is a big commitment and not everyone is positioned to adopt a dog. Still, there are things people can do to help out. People who are interested can donate to shelters or volunteer to befriend dogs, take them for walks and play with them. A few hours spent with a dog can make them happier and more appealing for adoption.

To find out about volunteer opportunities, call the Prince William County Animal Shelter at 703-792-6465 or email the shelter at


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