Content Marketing: What Recent Numbers Say

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By Erin Pittman, Lead Content Marketing Developer and Editor

Writers and editors aren’t normally excited by numbers, but there is an exception to that rule — facts and figures about content marketing. These are some numbers we love to see and analyze! Because every year, we encounter figures that back up the important work we do for our clients. Content marketing really IS king and is the backbone of any good marketing plan these days. Just see what the numbers have to say!

Everyone Is Doing It

Well, almost everyone. According to a recent survey through Social Media Today, 91 percent of B2B marketers and 86 percent of B2C marketers use content marketing. That’s far more than the majority and shows that if you aren’t part of those numbers, it’s time to jump on board. Don’t let another year go by without factoring plenty of content marketing into your overall plan.

Top Content Marketing Priorities

More than half of marketers say that blog creation is their top inbound marketing priority, with good reason! Blogs are the perfect avenue to convey important information about your field, your products and services, the incredible things your company and employees are doing within your community, and more. Through blogs, you can establish yourself as a subject matter expert or share in-depth information about a particular product and its launch. The possibilities are endless, and most importantly, you’re in control of the messages you choose to put out there. Eighty-two percent of customers report having a more positive outlook on a company after reading custom content. (Demand Metric, 2018)

The Business Power of Social Media

Did you know that Hubspot reports that more than 74 percent of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes? You can share important information via this powerful platform and make an incredible impact on your sales and reach. Consumers turn to social media for more than just their friend’s latest update on her new puppy and their frenemy’s most recent annoying faux pas. Add Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into your content marketing plan for maximum results, and don’t forget to share those blogs via your social media channels for additional exposure!

The Most Effective Formats

The top three most effective formats for B2B marketers are email/newsletters, blogs or articles, and social media. (Point Visible, 2018) Email newsletters are not outdated and are actually highly effective at reaching your current or potential clients. Blogs and social media — it’s already clear why they are the go-to options. All three of these options can give you great bang for your buck if done correctly.

Are you ready to rock your content marketing in the second half of 2018? Reach out to our professionals to chart a clearer course for your content marketing and for expert content for your blog, social media channels and e-newsletters.

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