‘Cook in Mexico’ Winner of Travel Weekly’s 2017 Magellan Award

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Provided by ASHA Public Relations, LLC

Linda Meyers, co-owner of Cook in Mexico, thrilled with Travel Weekly’s Magellan Award. (photo credit: George Meyers)

Cook in Mexico, a Mexican culinary tour, was named winner of the 2017 Magellan Gold Award for Best in Mexico for Destinations–Culture and Arts by Travel Weekly, a premiere travel magazine. Haymarket- based owners George and Linda Meyers host their worldwide guests on cooking tours in authentic Mexican kitchens, and guide guests on personalized Mexican historic tours and dance to Mariachi and climb the ruins of Cañada de la Virgin. You can watch their travel adventures on social media at Cook Eat Play Travel or cookeatplaytravel.com. For more information, go to cookinmexico.kitchen.

The Magellan Awards is the premier award for the travel industry, which honors the best in travel and is judged by a 14-member panel.  The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honor the best in travel.

“Traveling is part of our life…as we personally host our guests as we cook, eat, play and travel our way through San Miguel de Allende,” said Linda Meyers, co-owner of Cook in Mexico. “It’s always so exciting to be selected by Travel Weekly for our destination tours; we’re truly grateful,” said Meyers.

Cook in Mexico was born out of the Meyers’s love for the Mexican scenery and food. When requests came from their Cook in Tuscany guests about other culinary tour locations, they immediately thought San Miguel, Mexico was the perfect site. Retired United States Air Force pilot George Meyers and his wife, Linda, now a retired Prince William County school teacher, are natives of New Orleans and high school sweethearts. The couple shares a long-time passion for good food, and personally take guests on all tours, creating an immersive experience in Mexican cuisine and culture. The week-long package tours are all-inclusive of hotels and food, not including airfare.


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