Cook in Tuscany Owners Debut Cook, Eat, Play, Travel

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Provided by ASHA Public Relations, LLC

George Meyers, co-owner of Cook in Tuscany, Mexico and Cuba, in Tuscany

George and Linda Meyers, owners of Cook in Tuscany, Cook in Mexico and Cook in Cuba, debuted ‘Cook, Eat, Play, Travel’, their online video diary of their worldwide travels and journeys.  They are always asked about life “outside” of their culinary tours in Tuscany, Mexico and Cuba, so they started documenting their adventures.  Named one of the top 15 Foodie Destinations by USA Today, the Meyers created Cook, Eat, Play, Travel to allow people around the world to experience some of their culinary travel adventures online. To view or learn more, go to

“We’re fifty-somethings enjoying our second chapter in life, traveling, cooking, playing and enjoying every minute,” said Linda Meyers, co-founder of Cook, Eat, Play, Travel, and Cook in Tuscany, Mexico and Cuba. “Instead of buying things, we started buying experiences…and in the process, opened three different cooking schools in three different countries; now people can follow our adventures around the world,” said Meyers.

Retired United States Air Force pilot George Meyers and his wife Linda, a retired Prince William County school teacher, are natives of New Orleans and high school sweethearts. The Meyers shared a long-time passion for good food. The Meyers personally take guests on all tours, creating an immersive experience in Tuscan, Mexican and Cuban cuisine and culture. The week-long package tours are all-inclusive of hotels and food, not including airfare. Cook in Tuscany has expanded its class space, and now offers two classes during Cook in Tuscany travel weeks. Review the schedule at


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