Corn-Shucking Lessons for Second Graders

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

In September, the sounds of shucking could be heard all around county elementary schools as second-grade students participated in the annual cornhusking contest. The event, sponsored by Prince William County’s Food and Nutrition Services, provides fun, hands-on, and meaningful connections for students to support their learning of plants. This contest teaches students about the edible parts of plants, where food comes from, and what everyday items are made from corn. Locally grown corn is used for the competition each September when it is easily available, as part of the Farm to School initiative.

At Mountain View Elementary School, Cafeteria Manager Alex Kwak showed 96 second graders how to shuck corn. The four classes of newly-trained corn huskers set off in a race to get their cobs shucked the fastest. Allison Hintosh’s class took first place, earning each student a fitting prize —a bag of popcorn.

“The kids had a blast!” said Terri Costello, second grade teacher at Mountain View. “They were loudly chanting ‘shuck, shuck, shuck’ and ‘shuck that corn.’ On Friday, when the cafeteria hostesses served corn as a side vegetable, just about every second grader stood in line to purchase a cob!”


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