Counselors Julie Chamberlain and Adrienne McDonald Honored by their Peers

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Contributed by Prince William
The Prince William Regional Counselors Association recognized two Prince William County Public Schools elementary school counselors on May 15 for their leadership.

pwrca WINNERS 2014_1Julie Chamberlain, professional school counselor at Tyler Elementary School, was named Counselor of the Year. “Mrs. Chamberlain is a remarkable professional whose impact can be felt both schoolwide and Divisionwide. She is truly one of those colleagues who lifts up those around her and transforms the climate of a building,” said Jennifer Perilla, principal of Tyler Elementary School. Deborah Ransom, Supervisor of Elementary Counseling commended Chamberlain on her leadership skills, use of data, advocacy skills, and her ability to work with others cooperatively.

Adrienne McDonald, professional school counselor of Ellis Elementary School, was nominated for the Humanitarian, Caring Counselor of the Year Award. Her principal, Caroline Goddard, said that McDonald’s programs and leadership have enabled Ellis Elementary to be the stellar school that it is. Assistant Principal Heather Sylvia shares, “Adrienne McDonald makes every person she comes in contact with believe that they can be a dreamer, that they have strength, patience, and passion to change the world. Her leadership makes others want to follow, make a difference, and have an impact.”



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