Countdown to Great Holiday Style

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Countdown to the Holiday

T’is the season when the calendar gets filled with holiday festivities.  Whether the holiday festivities are social, professional, or family, the wardrobe must have the right mix of items to get us dressed for all the many celebratory gatherings and get-togethers. Use the checklist to get ready your holiday wardrobe in the merriest of style.

[checklist][/checklist] It’s in the Details — examine your social and professional calendars. Categorize (social, business, family obligations) the clothing items you’ll need for all the festive receptions, celebratory events, and party affairs.

[checklist][/checklist]Claim Your Style — high glamour, understated elegance, or artfully casual . . . give it some thought and make a statement with the pieces you adore.

[checklist][/checklist]Hunt for Ideas — great style begins with inspiration. Seek inspiration from fashion magazines, brand catalogs, and online designer collections. Make a simple inspirational board or style file to capture your ideas.

[checklist][/checklist]Upon Closer Examination — think inside the wardrobe and create new looks from the items you already have and adore. Make adjustments and edit the pieces to your style and comfort level.

[checklist][/checklist]Shop Aroundand shop early.  Especially should the wardrobe examination reveal that an item or accessory is missing to complete a stylish outfit.

[checklist][/checklist]Necessary Objects — use accessories to personalize your style and increase the “Oh la la” factor without overpowering your look. T’is the season to sparkle and shine.

[checklist][/checklist]Behind the Scenes — now that you have a stylish holiday wardrobe waiting and ready, don’t neglect to set the mood for enjoying the process of getting dressed for the occasion. Create a beautiful vignette: light scented candles, play soothing music and indulge in “dressing up.”

[checklist][/checklist]Note to Self — You’ve put so much into creating a stylish look for your holiday festivities. You’re dressed and ready to go. Take one final look into the mirror: You are beautiful! Go have a wonderful time . . .

Cocktail Party

Office:Cocktail Party

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