County Bar Association Honors Local Attorneys for Professionalism, Advocacy, Leadership and Service

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Provided by Prince William County Bar Association

The Prince William County Bar Association recently honored several attorneys with awards for their trial advocacy, professionalism, leadership and pro bono/community service work.  Traditionally these awards are announced and presented at the PWCBA’s biggest event of the year, the Dinner Dance. In the wake of COVID-19, 2020 is the first year the PWCBA was unable to hold this event. The Association persevered and found a new way to honor these attorneys, virtually, via a YouTube Livestream.

From  PWC Circuit Courtroom three, the Bar membership honored this stellar group of lawyers:

Past President’s Award

Kris Spitler served as the Bar’s president in 2019 and the Association recognized her hard work and dedication with the Past President’s Award.

Guardian ad litem of the Year Award

Since 1994, an attorney is honored each year with the Guardian ad litem of the Year Award.  For 2019 the Association honored Ashleigh Izard.

Trial Attorneys of the Year

The Prince William County Bar Association prides itself on community outreach and engagement, to include the development and delivery of pro bono legal services and need based services to those in our community. In 2003 the PWCBA established the Pro bono/Volunteer Attorney of the Year Award.  This award recognizes the efforts of one attorney who organizes programs that provide pro bono legal services or provides direct pro bono legal representation.  This year the Association honored Andrea Morisi as the 2019 Pro Bono/Volunteer Attorney of the Year.   

Justitia Award

The Virginia Women Attorney Association recognizes the commitment and importance of female attorneys who showcase generosity, leadership, trial advocacy skills, and are viewed as a mentors and trailblazers. These female attorneys are honored each year with the Justitia Award, an award given throughout the State of Virginia.  The Prince William County Chapter of the VWAA presented the 2019 Justitia Award to Judge Janice Wellington. Judge Wellington’s career spans several decades, and she has mentored many within the Prince William County Judicial system. In 1990, Janice Wellington became the first African American woman to be appointed to the Prince William County bench. Recently retired in July of 2020, the PWC VWAA honored Judge Wellington for her dedication to justice and the women of Prince William County.

Arthur A. Sinclair Professionalism Award

Since 1992, the PWCBA has honored one attorney each year who demonstrates the highest level of honor, integrity, competency and courtesy with the Arthur W. Sinclair Professionalism Award, named after a founding member of the Prince William County Bar Association (1941). The recipient of the 2019 Arthur W. Sinclair Professionalism Award is Cathy Croft.  This year the award was presented by Kathy Farrell, an honor for both Ms. Farrell and Ms. Croft.  For over 30 years, these women have practiced law together as partners and friends.  As stated by Ms. Farrell, Ms. Croft exemplifies these standards and “she has helped me personally navigate the many difficulties of a stressful law firm and in the process really taught me how to persevere through these stressful times with some honor and some grace. I have also seen her consistent dedication and commitment to the legal community and our legal profession.”

Congratulations to the 2019 Prince William County Bar Association Award Recipients.  To learn more about the Prince William County Bar Association, please visit  To view the award ceremony, you can find the full video on Facebook.



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