County Offers Many Ways to Interact with the Budget

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Provided by Prince William County

Prince William County has created a one-stop shop for all things budget on the county’s website at From there, one can see the proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Budget in its entirety, as well as budget information – like the budget calendar and presentations. There are also several applications that residents can use to interact more with the budget, if they wish.

For example, people with questions about the proposed FY2018 Budget can get answers from the experts through an easy-to-use, interactive Budget Q&A application. Management and Budget (OMB) Director Dave Sinclair said finding answers in the application is as easy as clicking the icon and leaving a query.

“They can click on our question and answer database. The question comes directly to us in the Office of Management and Budget, and we do our very best to answer those questions. It helps us greatly if you can provide us with either page number or context for that question, so that our analysts can answer in a timely fashion,” said Sinclair.

Also available on the county’s OMB website is the Interactive Budget Application where people can add or remove operational or capital expenses to see the effects on the budget.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Web Mapping Application allows users to see where current CIP projects are located and the details of those projects. “We also have an interactive CIP map where a citizen can find their location on the map, and by using icons, you can see what’s going on around where you live or anywhere in the county.

All a citizen has to do is click on the links for updated information on project costs, project timelines and important information such as that.”

People are encouraged to visit to see all items related to the development of the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, as well as the list of upcoming public meetings regarding the budget.



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