Create an Ideal Bedroom to Promote Sleep

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By Jorge de Villasante

Do you have a tough time falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up cranky and tired? With a few tweaks to your bedroom, you may find you can greatly improve your sleep — and your mood!

Having a setting that promotes sleep is an important part of your health and well-being. An ideal sleep environment enables quality rest which in turn improves your quality of life. If you feel your bedroom could use some improvements to promote peaceful sleep, try a few of these changes.

Choose the Right Mattress

Did you know most people spend approximately a third of their lives in bed? Because of this, it is essential to have a comfortable, quality mattress. If your mattress is uncomfortable, old, or poorly built, consider investing in a new one. Even though buying a new mattress can be expensive, it will likely greatly improve your quality of sleep. Should you decide to purchase a new mattress, make sure the support and firmness are a good fit for your body type and weight. Visit a few mattress stores where specialists can advise you and where you can try out a variety of mattresses. And remember to make sure your pillows are the appropriate height so your head and spine remain aligned.

Appeal to Your Senses

As you’ve read in our other sections, temperature, noise and light all play important roles in your sleep. So keep your bedroom cool and dark and find your perfect way to drown out noises. This may mean investing in blackout curtains, an eye mask, and a sound machine or fan and turning down the temperature. Consider playing soft, comforting music in your bedroom. Don’t forget your sense of smell. You can turn
your bedroom into a serene space with a few essential oils. Lavender is the number one oil to start with to help you drift to sleep. Try a pillow or linen spray or a few drops in a diffuser.

Keep It Serene

Another key to a room that draws you in to sleep is ensuring it’s just for sleep. Don’t be tempted to bring your work into the bedroom. No extra desk in the corner to sneak in work late at night or lap desks to finish up tasks before you turn in. Your bedroom should be your serene and sacred space just for rest or relaxing activities. Keep everything else out.


An inviting bedroom can be key to a good night’s rest. Reducing clutter, and maintaining a clean, cozy space is a great way to start. Excess clutter in the bedroom can create stress and even anxiety. Having a clean, clutter-free area can create the feeling of peace and control and make drifting off to sleep easy, instead of looking around at all the things you should be tidying up. Ensure your nightstand has clear, open space and only houses the items you truly need within reach. Create a designated space for those throw pillows when you take them off each night. “Everything in its place” truly is a wise saying. And when you get up each morning, make your bed. You’ll be amazed at what a difference such a small task can make.

Whether you decide to invest in a new mattress, adjust the lighting, keep the temperature cool, tidy up or make your bedroom comforting and inviting, changes that promote quality, restful sleep will enhance your quality of life and health.

Jorge de Villasante is a multilingual writer and translator who enjoys traveling as much as he enjoys his home and caring for his two cats.


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