“Create Digital Paintings” Book Review

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Provided by P.B.S. Studios

Digital Art Press, a division of P.B.S. Studios (a photograph/writing/digital painting company), is proud to announce a new book called “Creating Digital Paintings” by local author Peter Smolens. It’s a hands-on, practical guide showing how to create digital paintings using your computer, a graphics tablet, and Adobe Photoshop.

“Creating Digital Paintings” is a revised, updated, and expanded version of the 2019 publication of “Digital Photo Painting using Adobe Photoshop. Written for the beginner, you learn how to paint using Adobe Photoshop, the tool of the modern artist. “Creating Digital Paintings” incorporates the latest Adobe Photoshop Brush Engine changes to educate and inspire painters.

Photoshop is an expansive and daunting piece of software. Using step-by-step tutorials in the book and insightful exercises, you’ll build up the skills you need to bring your imagination to life as digital paintings, unleashing the endless possibilities for this unique medium. You can create diverse art, including landscapes, portrait digital paintings in watercolor, pastel, charcoal, Cyanotype, Fauve paintings, and mixed media pieces.

The book includes chapters on how digital painting works, the Photoshop environment, how to create your first digital painting, and more.

Smolens’ company, P.B.S. Studios, is a feature and content writer/photography/digital painting company that has written and published over a hundred articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Smolens has had many other photographs published as illustrations in commercial and textbook publications, as well as many additional photographs published as illustrations in commercial and textbook publications. As a digital photo painter, Smolens has displayed his work in shops, libraries, galleries, restaurants, commercial buildings, and the banners on the streets of Manassas.


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