Create a Fully Loaded Laundry Room

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(Family Features) Today’s technology makes those pesky tasks of washing, drying and folding your beloved garments easier than ever before. Gain inspiration for a laundry room update with cutting-edge solutions that work hard to get your clothes squeaky clean and may even make the chore fun.

Laundry room meets entertainment center

Newly constructed homes are starting to include laundry rooms with all the bells and whistles. For those wanting to be entertained while folding their garb, mounted flat screen televisions will ensure you don’t miss a minute of your favorite show. Other ornate laundry facilities include a space for your laptop for the most serious multitasking individuals.

High-efficiency topload washers

The traditional topload washer has received a well-deserved makeover. New technology has enabled that familiar washer you grew up with to be considered high-efficiency (HE) and is the fastest growing category in home laundry appliances. Though HE models typically cost more upfront, consumers can save money over the life of the product because they use less energy and water. These washers, such as the GE HE topload washer, spin clothes at a higher speed, thus removing more moisture. This cuts down on time and energy used with a dryer. For more information, visit


Gone are the days of dull laundry rooms and washers and dryers only available in white. The laundry room is much more colorful today as appliance manufacturers roll out bright and cheerful appliances, such as ruby red and champagne. The home trend of grey has also hit the laundry room as more subdued and classic shades, such as metallic carbon, are gaining popularity.

Dispensing and stain removal advancements

High-tech features, such as GE SmartDispense, dole out the right amount of detergent based on soil level, fabric and cycle type. The feature can even store up to a two-month supply of laundry detergent and softener inside of the washer. A built-in stain removal guide tackles common clothing stains, such as oil, grass and dirt, while a steam option relaxes fabric and helps loosen set-in stains.

Sophisticated sinks

Utility sinks are a must for laundry rooms of larger families or for those outdoorsy individuals who tend to get a little dirty. Many new sinks offer soap dispensers, while higher-end versions offer a hands-free option for both the dispenser and the faucet. Some models even include spa-type water jets with special settings that blast stains and debris from garments based on the nature of the fabric.

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