Crews Prep Roads Ahead of Friday Evening Commute

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Provided by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Crews are using opportunities between rush hours today and Friday, while temperatures are favorable, to treat roads with anti-icing materials in Northern Virginia in anticipation of potential winter weather during the Friday afternoon rush hour and on Saturday. Drivers are encouraged to monitor the National Weather Service’s forecast by visiting

Throughout Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and Arlington* counties (*Arlington maintains own secondary roads) crews treat about 2,150 lane miles with brine or liquid magnesium chloride in advance of potential winter weather. This includes interstate, primary, and high-volume secondary roads, particularly ramps, bridges, and other critical areas prone to freezing. Once completed, drivers may see white brine lines on roads that have been treated.

The Virginia Department of Transportation asks drivers to give tanker trucks and trailing safety vehicles room to work. Anti-icing vehicles are heavy, not as agile as passenger vehicles, and require a larger turning radius. Also, drivers who follow too closely may experience reduced visibility due to the liquefied salt in the brine mix.

Ahead of any wintry precipitation, VDOT reminds drivers to fill their gas tanks, slow down, be aware of potential slick spots such as shaded areas and bridges, and to use the following resources:

This is also the perfect time to place or update an emergency kit in your car. Recommended items can be found at


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