Delegate Ayala Appointed to the Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel

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Provided by Delegate Hala Ayala’s Office

Delegate Hala Ayala has been appointed to serve on the Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel. Her term will be coincident with her current House term.

Eileen Filler-Corn is Speaker of the House. She said, “Delegate Ayala’s background in cybersecurity will greatly benefit this panel’s mission to prepare Virginia for future emergencies… I look forward to her
and the Panel’s important work.”

As a member of this executive branch advisory board, Delegate Ayala will help create strategies to ensure the Commonwealth is prepared for natural emergencies and matters of homeland security. “I want to express my appreciation to Speaker Filler-Corn for this appointment,” said Delegate Ayala. “…This year our nation’s health and welfare has been and continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the discussion around security advances, this panel’s work will be vital to this effort. I will be proud to use my expertise in cybersecurity to mitigate the dangers of future threats to Virginia.”


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