Delegation from Qianjiang Visits Manassas

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Provided by City of Manassas Economic Development Department

This past Friday, June 14, the City of Manassas was honored to host a delegation of Chinese officials and business leaders from the city of Quianjiang in Hubei Province. The visit was organized by the Manassas Department of Economic Development to encourage cultural and economic exchange. It was the first such trip by a delegation from China that the City has hosted since officials from the City of Shaoxing visited in 2015.

Quianjiang’s Mayor, Yang Yong, was welcomed to the newly renovated City Hall by Manassas Vice-Mayor Pamela Sebesky and Interim City Manager Doug Keen. The delegation arrived in Manassas after visiting Baltimore and was next headed to Chicago and Mexico City. Vice-Mayor Sebesky commended the guests on the distance they had traveled and the commitment they were making to expand their knowledge of the political and economic structures of other places. She provided a brief overview of the City’s governing structure and the roles of local elected officials. She also highlighted some of the differences in governing between Manassas and other localities or states. The delegation was very interested in learning about the part-time nature of the elected positions and the time commitment private citizens who hold those roles devoted to public service.

Interim City Manager Keen described the City’s organizational structure and the roles and nature of the City’s appointed officials and employees. Several members of the delegation were municipal employees and held roles in economic development related activities. Following the governance and organizational discussion, Economic Development Director Patrick Small gave a presentation highlighting the City’s history, its economic and demographic diversity, as well as its cultural assets. The delegates were impressed by the City’s ability to attract and retain private sector jobs and investments.

The delegation shared information about their home in Quianjiang, which has a population of nearly one million residents. The City has a diverse economy and is a world leading provider of farm raised crawfish. Quianjiang and the surrounding province have a strong agricultural and natural resource base, and also feature pharmaceutical and medical supply businesses. Representatives from companies in those industries were part of the delegation.

Following the discussions, both parties undertook a ceremonial exchange of gifts and took photographs to memorialize the visit. The Delegation and City staff adjourned to an informal dinner at Wu’s Garden where they were joined by Councilman Mark Wolfe.

Manassas city with chinese officials at wus garden


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