Dining Etiquette Class Puts a New Spin on Summer Enrichment for Prince William Youth

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Provided by the Pope Institute

Woodbridge, Va. – On Saturday, July 18, 2015, The Pope Institute for Polish, Poise, and Etiquette, LLC will hold a Youth Dining Etiquette Class (for ages 12-18) at Travinia Restaurant in Woodbridge, VA. The class, a two hour lesson complete with a four-course meal, will cover Place Settings, Napkin Etiquette, Table Manners, and Eating Difficult Foods.

Kimberly Pope, founder of The Pope Institute, is a Protocol and Executive Etiquette professional, certified through The Emily Post Institute and the Washington Center for Protocol. She has worked with several organizations, most recently conducting a workshop on Communicating through Your Appearance, Actions, & Words for the International Association of Administrative Professionals in Williamsburg. Her most popular service offering is the two hour session on the “Finer Points of Dining” which she conducts several times a year. The dining class is always a hit with students, as Greta Williams, a youth advisor from a recent class noted, “Excellent presentation, the students were engaged and asked questions. It was great to encourage them to try all food and to instruct them on how to not eat an item on their plate.”

Pope’s passion for leadership development (particularly for youth) led her to this industry, but her travels around the world reinforced the belief that there is still a great need for more civility and etiquette today. “One of my favorite quotes,” Pope said, “is ‘nothing should interfere with sociability at the table’ and too often I witness mishaps at dining functions that have negative impacts on one’s sociability. This class is designed to equip youth with the necessary skills to successfully navigate future development and social opportunities.”

To register a student for the class or to learn more about The Pope Institute, visit www.thepopeinstitute.com, email info@thepopeinstitute.com, or call 703-680-6829.


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