Diversifying Your Content Marketing for Big Results

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By Erin Pittman


What’s the biggest secret to content marketing success? It’s all in diversifying. The old adage we’ve heard for generations: “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket” certainly applies in this field. You’ve got to diversify and market in layers.

What Does It Mean to Diversify Content Marketing?

Would it be smart to place all of your faith for generating sales on weekly Facebook posts? The answer is definitely not. Would you only build a blog and just hope people will find it? Again, nope. You’ve got to diversify.

Diversifying means building a strategy that encompasses a variety of platforms to deliver your message to your audience. One ad won’t do it. A few tweets each week won’t cover everyone. You must build a diverse plan to reach your entire audience wherever they are.

Sales professionals often say it takes seven touches to make a sale. Your content marketing can encompass some of those touches and help your contacts become your clients. Don’t just reach them in one place that they are; reach them everywhere.

Content Marketing: Do Your Homework

When looking to diversify, it’s important to find out where your customers are. Are they young and hip on Instagram? Perhaps they are more the Facebook type. Or diving deeper, maybe they respond better to videos than written content. Research the demographics you are working to reach, and build your strategy around your findings.

Ways to Diversify Content Marketing

When you’re ready to build your content marketing strategy, incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Weekly blogs
  • Sponsored articles
  • Updated website content
  • Social media channels with frequent posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+)
  • Email newsletters
  • Marketing emails
  • Video content shared via multiple channels
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Press releases
  • eBooks

Build Out Your Editorial Calendar

Once you’ve chosen your avenues, build out at least a three month content marketing plan. Will you do social media posting three times a week? By writing weekly blogs, you can cover one of those posts and easily receive links back to your site. Will you purchase a sponsored article or package with a local publication to attract new followers and establish more credibility? And what’s your plan for e-newsletters and marketing emails? Take the time to get serious and map out your plan.

Evaluate Your Approach

At set intervals, it’s important to evaluate your success. Are you expanding your reach on social media or could a new platform serve you better? Are you writing blogs often enough or could you use a ghostwriter to make that happen more regularly and boost site visits? As you study your successes and weak spots, adjust your sails and try new approaches so your content marketing never gets stale.

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