DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular: Zero Percent Injections, 100 Percent Facelift

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The new and effective DOCTOR BABOR range has been developed for wrinkled skin with a loss of elasticity. The products within this range renew, repair and strengthen skin, while ensuring it is tightened and contours are lifted.

The key ingredients within this range are:

Tripeptide-1 solution: restructures the network of collagen and elastin fibers into a dense, uniform structure. Increases skin density and strength, through stimulation of collagen synthesis.

  • ECM-Protect: protects the elastin fibers from enzymatic degradation.
  • Carnosin (amino acids & L-Carnosine), prevent the docking of sugar molecules to proteins in connective tissue.
Dual Face Lift Serum employs the same mechanisms of action as a facelift – tightening the skin and plumping up the cheeks. The two serums that make up this product understand the anatomical effects of aging and simply reverse them by remodeling the face and restoring its youthful V-shape and volume. The V-Shape Serum was designed for the neck and chin area and visibly firms contours within six weeks, thanks to the Lift-up Extract. This extract of edelweiss stem cells restores mitochondrial dynamics in the skin and strengthens the extracellular matrix. The lipodipeptide in the Re-Fill Serum focuses on precision plumping, and restores the forehead and the cheek area to its original plumpness. It counteracts sagging tissue by improving skin density and elasticity and stimulating collagen synthesis. Fragrance free.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Dual Face Lift Serum 2 x 15 m £139*

BTX-Lift Serum is an effective alternative to Botox injections. It eases microtensions in the skin by preventing the release of the neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contractions. These BTX peptides and polysaccharides thus reduce the depth of lines, with measurable results. The powerful serum can be applied directly on to the fine lines that need treating (e.g. frown lines on the forehead) with the product’s roller applicator, made from surgical steel. Finally, using your fingers, the serum must be gently massaged into the skin. Fragrance free.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular BTX-Lift Serum 10 ml £59*

Designed as a four-week course of treatment, Collagen Boost Infusion is the ideal way to kick off an intensive plumping treatment. Biomimetics, boosts the skin’s natural collagen production in a number of ways. The active ECM Protect complex protects the collagen in the extracellular matrix against enzymatic degradation, while carnosine prevents glycation, and new collagen is formed.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion 4 x 7 ml £94*

Collagen Booster Cream not only contains a multi-active hyaluronic acid complex with an intensive plumping effect, but also the specially developed Collagen Booster Peptide. Thanks to its biomimetic action, it stimulates the fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen, thus enabling the skin to become firm and gain more volume. At the same time, marine collagen delivers additional collagen to the skin from the outside. For best results, the cream should be applied after the kick-off treatment with Collagen Boost Infusion.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Collagen Booster Cream 50 ml £94*

Youth Control Bi-Phase Ampoule reduces the depth of lines, firms contours and intensely moisturizes skin. The ampoule is based on biotechnology. Extracts of brown algae, which are rich in highly valuable Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, improve the lipid barrier function. At the same time, they stimulate the production of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin, promote collagen synthesis and increase energy flow to the cells. An intensive-action polysaccharide has an instant, smoothing effect, while amaranth oil treats the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Shake before use, then apply to the face, neck and décolleté.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Youth Control Bi-Phase Ampoule 7 x 1 ml £39*

Vitamin C Booster Concentrate is an intensive six-week course of treatment for anyone who wants to combat pigment changes and an uneven complexion. With a  20% pure vitamin C derivative content, it protects the skin against oxidative damage and evens out the complexion. In the skin, it is converted into ascorbic acid, allowing the vitamin C to develop its action precisely where it is needed. Vitamin C also supports collagen production, which means that the serum also firms the skin.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Vitamin C Booster Concentrate 20 ml £66*

Wrinkle Filler is simply applied on top of make-up. High-tech peptides relax the muscles while the finest of pigments smooth out lines as soon as the gel is applied to those areas. The balm contains double action hyaluronic acid, meaning it has two different molecular weights that saturates the deep layers of the skin. While the molecules with a higher weight replenish the moisture reservoirs near the surface of the skin, the lower-weight molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, lifting up wrinkles from below. Thanks to this high-tech, plant-based formula, Wrinkle Filler does not rely on silicone and is both fragrance free and colorant free.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Wrinkle Filler 15 ml £39*

Firming Lip Booster contains special moisture fillers such as chiretta and sodium hyaluronate to plump up the lips without the need for injections. It  guarantees a natural, full look for the lips. A high content of hyaluronic acid achieves an instant smoothing effect. It significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and restores definition to the lip contour – thus providing a gentle alternative to a hyaluronic acid injection.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Firming Lip Booster 15 ml £39*

Dual Eye Solution Day & Night contains a day cream and a night cream that have been specially tailored to the varying needs of the skin at different times of the day. The smoothing eye cream with the Day Boost Complex conceals dark rings under the eyes and stimulates the microcirculation, while the night cream with the Re-Charge Complex reduces puffiness, promotes generation and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier. Fragrance free.

DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Cellular Dual Eye Solution Day & Night 2 x 15 ml £62.00*

 *recommended retail price


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