Donated Flowers Transformed Into Beautiful Arrangements for Hospice Patients

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Provided by Capital Caring

A bouquet recipient enjoys her flowers

Volunteers and staff at Capital Caring were thrilled to once again receive a delivery of nearly 400 fresh-cut flowers from Sweet Virginia Foundation. After being trimmed, sorted, and placed in individual containers, the flowers were delivered to Capital Caring’s patients residing in assisted living facilities in Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, as well as those currently receiving round-the-clock care at the Capital Caring Adler Center, a 21-bed inpatient facility in Aldie.

As a nonprofit educational foundation whose primary mission is to educate children about honey bees, Sweet Virginia utilizes Foundation acres of flowers every year and gives them away to community partners across the region. “In our small way, it’s just about spreading love,” said Dan Price, Sweet Virginia’s founder and CEO. “That’s what Capital Caring has been doing every day for 40 years, so we know they’re a perfect partner.” Over the past eight years, Price estimates he has given away nearly 125,000 flowers.

One of the recipients of the flower arrangements was Renate Koppel, who is currently receiving hospice care at the Capital Caring Adler Center. “They’re just beautiful,” she said, as a volunteer delivered the flowers to her room. “Thank you so much. I’m going to enjoy these for days!”

“At Capital Caring, we like to say we focus on what matters most,” said Malene Davis, president and CEO. “Once we know we have addressed an individual’s specific health concerns,  sometimes what matters most to that person is something as simple as a bouquet of fresh flowers. We are so grateful to Dan and everyone at Sweet Virginia for his kindness and desire to spread the joy that can only be found by gazing into nature’s beauty.”


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