Don’t Miss this Webinar: “Reuse”

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Provided by Keep Prince William Beautiful

How circular economy can redefine our waste.

This is the third webinar of a six-part webinar series. This webinar series focuses on a select few of the sustainable R’s. You may be familiar with reduce, reuse, and recycle; this series will also cover rethink, rot, and repair. This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. and will focus on reuse.

Discussion will center around the many practices one can implement to switch from single use plastics to reusable. However, let us go beyond what we could do within our daily lives and look at reuse starting at the source of our products. What if the economy could be transformed from the current linear model to a circular model? How businesses are rethinking and redesigning the packaging to support reuse. To find out more attend this upcoming webinar as we discuss what it means to have a circular economy, what it would look like, and how we get there.

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