A Drive to Dover, Delaware

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Provided by John Cowgill

Old State House, Dover, Delaware

Old State House, Dover, Delaware

When you think about where to go on a day road trip, you would have to admit that Dover, Delaware would not be on too many lists. You are wondering what there is to see in Dover other than the state capitol and the Dover Downs Slots which also includes the speedway that hosts a Nascar Race every September, but that is really all there is to see, right? If that is what you think about Dover, you are about to discover some ‘traveler’s’ treasure.

Dover is home to many great tourist sites. In the center of the city, you have the Old State House where the state government first met before moving to their current location. A short walk away is the John Bell House. It is very small, but it has a little history there. Other historic homes in the city include the Rose Cottage, the Hall House and Woodburn House. (Tours of the Hall and Woodburn houses require prearrangements for tours.) You also have the Delaware Agricultural Museum where you can see the state’s history of agriculture plus a mini historic village made with structures from around the region.

I see that all that Delaware stuff does not excite you. How about American history? Yes, there is American history. You can find it at the John Dickinson Plantation located in the southeastern section of the city. PWL Although John Dickinson did not spend much of his adult life here, it is named for him for his contribution to the American Revolutionary War.

That American history is not for you? Just around the corner from the Dickinson Plantation is Dover Air Force Base, home of the Air Mobility Command Museum. It is here where you can find retired aircraft on display to include ‘Air Force One’. While walking around, you may see an aircraft take off from the base.

Is Dover, Delaware a boring place? You can see that there are great things to do in Dover after all. It is a two and a half hour drive from Prince William County. Take the drive to see why they call this state the ‘Small Wonder’.


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