Drukker Designs Unveiled

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By Roxy Rowton

Drukkars UnveiledLast week, fine jewelry designer Elena Drukker unveiled her one-of-a-kind handcrafted gemstones jewelry collection to an intimate gathering in Washington, DC at the Willard Hotel. The event’s hostess was Elaine Mensah of SVELTE, Inc.

Elena’s story begins more than twenty years ago in a firehouse garage in Moscow. As a young electro physicist, she worked in the manufacturing process of cubic zirconia. (Russia pioneered the process of manufacturing cubic zirconia.) Soon she and her firefighter spouse launched their own business of manufacturing and marketing gemstones to full-scale jewelry establishments. But Elena’s passion for hand-crafted gemstones encouraged her to transition from manufacturing to designing her own line of fine jewelry.

The family operated business still utilizes world renowned classical jewelry techniques dating back to the Faberge period. Each piece of jewelry is made artfully and skillfully by hand. When asked the set of aesthetics that define her designs: Color and Shape. Color, especially, is the creative influence and inspiration — ensuring the brilliant hue of each individual gemstone. Elena recommends when selecting a piece of fine jewelry that color be a consideration. Because most jewelry is worn near the face, the color (and shape) need to compliment a woman’s complexion and facial features.

Currently the family business produces its fine jewelry collection in Russia or the Ukraine, but plans are to bring production to the US with a local factory in the Washington, DC area. The US branch of Drukker Designs is headquartered here in Prince William County out of Manassas.

While Elena’s one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs are setting trends in Eastern Europe, she hopes her jewelry resonates with an American clientele. If the oh’s and ah’s from the women at the preview are an indication of the appeal to her fine jewelry collection — she and Drukker Design should garner a loyal customer base on this side of the Atlantic.

To learn more visit www.drukker.com



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