Dumfries Town Council Adopts FY24 Fiscal Plan

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Submitted by the Town of Dumfries
Town of Dumfries Unveils Fiscal Plan and Capital Improvement Plan to Drive Growth and Development
The Town of Dumfries is thrilled to announce the adoption of its Fiscal Plan for FY2024 and the Five- Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY2024 – FY2028. These comprehensive plans embody the town’s vision for growth, development, and a vibrant future, with a strong focus on civic engagement, public safety, infrastructure enhancements, economic development, and effective governance.
Mayor Derrick R. Wood expressed his enthusiasm for the adopted budget, stating, “We are excited to embark on this journey of progress and prosperity for the Town of Dumfries. Through our adopted Fiscal Plan and Capital Improvement Plan, we are strategically allocating resources to meet the evolving needs of our community and drive positive change.”
Town Manager, Tangela Innis echoed this sentiment, adding, “I am grateful for the collaborative efforts of our Town Council and the dedication of our exceptional town staff. Together, we are working towards making Dumfries a sought-after destination, and this budget is a testament to our commitment to fostering growth and enhancing the quality of life for our residents and businesses.”
The adopted Fiscal Plan sets forth ambitious goals for the year, including the pursuit of the GFOA Triple Crown, which recognizes excellence in financial reporting and budget presentation. Furthermore, the town aims to obtain a bond rating to access favorable financing options for essential public infrastructure improvements and community facility projects.
With a steadfast commitment to public safety, the adopted budget allocates resources to enhance this vital aspect, particularly in anticipation of the opening of The Rose Gaming Resort in spring 2024. The addition of five new officers and efforts to achieve full accreditation for the police department will bolster professionalism, effectiveness, and community trust within the Dumfries Police Force.
Recognizing the importance of youth engagement, the town is excited to establish a youth council and internship program. The youth council will provide young individuals with a platform to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, develop leadership skills, and engage in community service. Simultaneously, the internship program will offer valuable work experience, enabling youth to collaborate with various town departments and actively contribute to the town’s operations. These initiatives aim to empower Dumfries’ young residents and foster a stronger, more inclusive community.
In line with the town’s commitment to transparency and effective governance, the budget includes provisions for hiring additional administrative staff. This expansion will enhance service provision and ensure that the town office remains accessible five days a week, promoting open communication with
the community and responsive administration.
Moreover, the town is excited to allocate funds within the budget to commemorate Dumfries’ 275th anniversary on May 11, 2024. This significant milestone will be celebrated through a series of events and initiatives, honoring the town’s rich history, celebrating its present achievements, and envisioning a brighter future. The planning committee is working diligently to ensure that these celebrations are inclusive, reflective of the town’s diversity, and inspire a stronger sense of community.
The Town of Dumfries extends its gratitude to the community for their continued support and engagement. Together, the town, residents, and businesses are building a stronger Dumfries that embraces progress while cherishing its history and traditions.

The Adopted FY24 Fiscal Plan documents can be found on the Town’s website


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