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Provided by E-Therapy Café™

E-Therapy Cafe

Northern Virginia-based startup E-Therapy Café™ announces the launch of E-Therapy Café™: Modern Online Therapy for Today’s Busy World. Taking the counseling industry by storm, the E-Therapy Café™ is rooted in the simple philosophy that therapy should be portable, easily accessible, cost-effective, grounded in ethics and expertise. Anywhere. Anytime.

CEO and Founder Dr. Jude Black recalled, “It all began over 20 years ago on a military base in North Carolina. I still remember how I felt the first time I used video to connect during a tough season in my life. I was a young military spouse and my husband was deployed overseas. My husband and I were able to talk using Virtual Tele-Conference (AKA ginormous dinosaur of a big screen) in the midst of a very public military conference room. Amazingly, for a brief moment, it didn’t matter that I was in North Carolina or that he was in a foreign country; we were connected”.
Black stated, “After a series of disappointments in the field, I knew it was time to do what any good officer’s wife would do – do it myself.” She created a diversified team of licensed and certified professionals focused on breaking down barriers and providing support professionally, ethically, and affordably. Anywhere. Anytime. The company’s more-than-HIPPA-Secured virtual platform is friendly to the military and other transient lifestyles but accessible to all people looking for support.

“Life is busy! Many people want a real alternative to the barriers and challenges of traditional therapy visits.” said Dr. Jude Black, founder of E-Therapy Café. “With the hassle of traffic, travel, and even the stigma surrounding therapy, many people are not receiving the support to truly thrive, it’s clear that people are struggling. We are here to help.”

For many, there can be incredible pressure just to get through a physical door. We remove the barriers many people face when seeking support by offering cost-effective, convenient, and secure therapy in the comfort of their own space,” says Black.

Amanda Rausch, E-Therapy Café’s Director of Relationships and Clinical Enrichment, says, “Our expert team meets the needs of every client with accessible, affordable quality cafe. We come to clients who might not otherwise be able to access the support they need.” The team tackles areas such as relationships, trauma, anxiety, “being stuck”, career, family conflicts, body issues, self-esteem and a myriad of other common concerns.

E-Therapy Café is dedicated to support, motivate, and encourage people all over the world. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, the team has a nationwide and global reach.

The company is passionate about giving back and mattering. For each E-Session conducted, the team gives $1 to the foundation to be donated to charity affiliates.

Our mission is simple. Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all. Anytime. Anywhere. We want to make therapy portable, easily accessible, cost-effective, grounded in ethics and expertise. We want the barriers to engaging in expert therapy, removed.

Learn more about E-Therapy Café™ at e-therapycafe.com. Founded by entrepreneur and therapist Dr. Jude Black.


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