Ease Into Summer With a Home Décor Refresh

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By Katherine Gotthardt

Warmer weather brings with it an ambiance — think soft evening breezes, the scent of jasmine or your favorite tree, rocking on a porch while sipping cool lemonade, the calm that summer carries in on sunny wings. If you’re looking to temporarily infuse your home with summer without investing too much time or money, keep reading. There are ways to bring summer into your living space without committing to it all
year long.

Focus on Florals

Whether your home is filled with vibrant color or muted tones, you can summer it up by adding some flowery patterns. Think throw pillows, coverlets, a fresh vase of flowers and maybe even a new or gently used piece of wall art. Love bright, vivid images? Great! Select your new décor accordingly. You’ll find plenty of choices. Prefer something softer? Opt for pastels or “dusty” variants of reds, greens and
blues. Watercolor abstracts and landscapes often feature these colors, offering an artistic but quieter look. Either way, nix the heavy, dark curtains and opt for airier matching window scarves or sheers.

Water, Water, Everywhere

There’s no denying the relaxing mood water carries with it. Whether you’re a pool, ocean, stream or lake lover, there’s calming décor out there you can bring home. Introduce a small fountain into your favorite
spot and see how serene it starts to sound. Choose relaxing seascapes or waterfront art for your living room. Like something a little more subtle? Go for abstracts and textiles in blues and whites. For the more adventurous, experiment with removable ocean blue or teal wall decals. If you love the look, pick pale blue paint for an accent wall and enjoy summertime all year round.

Copper, Bronze and Browns

Sun Goddesses and Gods, unite! It’s amazing what a copper or bronze lamp with an earthy shade will do to make a room feel warmer. A tan, thin throw blanket or slipcover might be just the thing to match your home to your summer mood, too. Or how about a beige ottoman? One with storage is always good to have around, no matter what time of the year. (Bonus — you can stash your off-season décor in it.)

Scents of Summer

Add to your summer home experience by appealing to your nose. Smell is one of the strongest senses
to evoke memories and emotions. Bring back evenings by the campfire with a woodsy themed candle. (One with a wooden wick adds some great sounds, too.) Or capture the essence of line-dried clothes with clean-linen scents in air fresheners or oils. Other mood-matchers may include ocean breeze, lemon, coconut or sandalwood. Invest in an attractive oil diffuser or wax tart burner for all year round to make the most of your décor investment.

Now is the perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your home, even if it’s just for a few months. With planning and creativity, you can bring the best the warmer season offers into each room and still have money left over for that great vacation. Enjoy the summer!

Social Media Director for Prince William Living, Katherine Gotthardt (kgotthardt@princewilliamliving.com) is an award-winning writer, poet and author, as well as president of Write by the Rails, the Prince William chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. Learn about her work at KatherineGotthardt.com.


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