East End Mobile Home Park Sold

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Provided by City of Manassas

The City of Manassas is pleased to announce that the East End Mobile Home Park has been sold to Catholics for Housing. For more than nine years the City worked to enforce its Code and cause the previous owner to make repairs to the private water and sewer system.  The failing system ultimately became a public health issue.  To alleviate the growing problem, the City of Manassas elected to purchase the Park.  This would have resulted in its closure and the current residents would have been displaced.

The City no longer has a contract to purchase the property.  Catholics for Housing now owns the property and will manage it, allowing the residents to stay in their homes.  The City of Manassas will oversee the installation of new utility infrastructure by CFH which, when completed, will be turned over to the City to own and operate.

“We are looking forward to the reconstruction of the sewer and water facilities which will become part of the City’s municipal system,” said City Manager W. Patrick Pate.  “We hope that under the management of Catholics for Housing we will see continued revitalization of this neighborhood.”


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