Emerging Leaders Program

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Provided by Leadership Prince William

Ever since applications opened for Leadership Prince William’s new Emerging Leaders Program, they’ve had a few repeat questions. Read on to learn more about our newest program targeted to those who are still early in their leadership journey.

Program Orientation March 7 // Class Dates March 14, 21 and 28, April 4, 11 and 25, May 2 and 9

Learn more and apply online.  Download the syllabus here. 

Q: Where will the sessions take place?

A: All sessions will be held in the Board Room in the offices of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce (where LPW has their office as well). The office is located at 9720 Capital Court, Suite 203, Manassas.

Q: Will sessions be held in-person or online?

A: Because leadership is about people and relationships, this program will be hosted in-person. Hybrid/online learning opportunities will be allowed in cases of recent COVID exposure and/or illness.

Q: How much is the tuition?

A: Tuition for this program is $500.00, making it an affordable professional development opportunity for both businesses and individuals.

Q: Why the focus on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)?

A: One of LPW’s core values is “Inclusiveness” (along with “Passion” and “Action”). As such, in recent years LPW has increasingly sought ways to encourage leaders from historically underrepresented people groups to self-nominate for their programs, thereby also “self-nominating” for more and greater leadership opportunities in their community and/or organizations. LPW believes that our community is strongest when its leadership reflects its people.

While LPW was planning the Emerging Leaders program, the Micron Foundation came along with a grant to provide scholarships for those underrepresented people groups. In many ways, their generosity made this program possible.

Q: Is this program a replacement or pre-requisite for the Signature Program?

A: The Emerging Leaders Program is neither a replacement nor a prerequisite for the Signature Program. LPW does hope that graduates of this program will one day decide to apply for the Signature Program as well.

This program was designed primarily to benefit those who are somewhat new to leadership or seeking leadership opportunities for the first time. While many large organizations have such programs to develop leaders from within, many of us work for organizations where no such program exists. Thanks to some of LPW’s Board members and alumni, they were able to benefit from the knowledge of what is contained in those programs and provide something that can work for everyone.

Whereas the Signature Program assumes you are familiar with basic tenets of leadership and a bit of your own leadership style, this program does not. The Emerging Leaders Program will assist participants in navigating their early years of leadership and personal/professional development so that they can go on to become the visionary community leaders that so often come through the Signature Program.

Special thanks to Founding Sponsor ECU Communications.

For more information, contact Andrea Money: 703-853–0323 or andrea@leadershipprincewilliam.org.



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