Endowment Fund Provides Scholarships to Employees of Westminster at Lake Ridge

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By Katrina Wilson

Sponsored by Westminster at Lake Ridge

The Kreider Professional Development Endowment Fund provides scholarships to Westminster at Lake Ridge (WLR) employees, providing them professional development opportunities. The scholarship provides employees the funds for citizenship application expenses, classes, conferences, seminars, course materials and initial licensure and certification.

The Kreider Fund Committee, which is composed of WLR residents and staff, awards the funds based on commitment to the community, positive role modeling and work performance.

The fund was created in 2015 and to date there have been more than 80 academic scholarships and nearly 20 employees have received assistance applying for U.S. citizenship. Westminster at Lake Ridge resident volunteers also help employees prepare for the test. About 20 employees annually receive a scholarship.

“Larry and Glea Kreider, the founding donors who created the Scholarship Endowment Fund believed in the value of education,” said Doug Myers, Westminster Ingleside Foundation President and CEO. “Glea was an educator. They wanted to provide a path for advancement for employees so they could grow in their careers and better provide for their families.”

Previous Recipient

Hilary Brown, Dining Services Supervisor at Westminster at Lake Ridge, received the scholarship.

“The reason I applied for the Westminster at Lake Ridge scholarship was because I needed financial assistance with my school and the Kreider Professional Development Endowment Fund was a much-needed help to me to further my education and provide the financial ability to achieve my goals,” Brown said. “It also helped me with the cost associated with the U.S. Citizenship application.”

Brown said the scholarship is a gateway to opening new opportunities and is not just used for school only. It can also be used to help employees with the U.S. Citizenship application fees, certifications, learning a new language, books for school, tuition payment and more to better yourself and grow.

“The number one lesson is the importance of giving back and encouraging talent to grow, coming together and contributing to each other’s growth as an organization and a community of service-oriented people,” he said.

Brown added that the application process is well thought out, easy and fast.

It provides a structured and easy access to funds to eligible candidates, a great benefit that many employers are not able to offer. The amount available for each semester has been adjusted to provide more funds to applicants.

He said help from supervisors is available in case employees need assistance in filling out the application or have any questions throughout the process.

“I encourage other team members to take advantage of this great benefit that Westminster at Lake Ridge offers through the Ingleside Foundation,” he said. “It definitely is a tool for anyone to improve their career opportunities and helps overall open additional doors in the future.”


Katrina Wilson said writing is her outlet. She has a mass communications degree from Francis Marion University. You can follow her on Twitter: KatrinaMWilson_.


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