Event Organizers Welcome Recycling to Next Special Event

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Provided by Prince William County Solid Waste Division

Invite recycling bins to your special event.   Prince William County Solid Waste Division offers recycling bins and bags free of charge to support special events in Prince William County.

People are in the habit of recycling at home, work and school and they want to recycle at events, too. The special event recycling bins are available on loan and are suitable for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The recycling bins are loaned on a first-come first-served basis and can be reserved by visiting pwcva.gov/gogreen and completing the Special Events Recycling Bin Agreement.

In Prince William County, recycling is mandatory. Recycling plastic bottles and aluminum drink cans at events helps reduce the amount of material that is landfilled, which extends its useful life. Community groups and non-profit organizations can easily reduce the amount of recyclable waste that ends up in the landfill by requesting a recycling bin for the events they host.

For smaller events or private parties, Prince William County Solid Waste Division recommends that the host designate a separate container for recyclable items. Always place a clearly marked recycling bin next to the trash container to help eliminate confusion and reduce the chances of recycling bin contamination.

Inside or outside, small gathering or big parties, special events can be a large source of material that gets thrown in the trash instead of being recycled. Event organizers can impress their guests and help the environment with the thoughtful addition of recycling containers placed next to trash receptacles.


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