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Exhibit Personnel

June 10, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

I Would like to inform that I’m “Jhon lloyd Ayala Gauck,adoptive relative with President Joachim Gauck in Germany.since i’m Child on exact 1987.that,I and other person has finish the difficult experience by inhibit in “tragic theory”on which Exhibit in dying portion and counting awake to be alive,again.that it happen all ready,since I’m child.Anyway,A Overwhelming and Pleasant Day’s and night to all of you your Honor and Specially to “Her Majesty Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.together with Prince William and Prince Harry.that my intend on intention by Prioritized my Adherence recommendation.by I’ll Pulling My Receipt at knowing “Cheque List”and Proprietor entitle in 501 Industrial Companies.including in Google Company at having Face book Company and etc.Specially in Odnok and Xiokno/XOXO internet in china Country.on which I’ll Having Left recopy of Authentication Birth Certificate Number.that i’m be coming “Norwin Dela Cruz Osial”.residing in Las Pinas,Manila,Philippines.anyway,My recommendation is meant for Prioritized by calling in the section I’ll inhibit my Legal Proprietor including My Voice Contract in Local (Philippines)and international (Heist Fund).that Kindly,please give it to me at only in me.to in hands my duplicate or recopy in saving data between Apollo 11(Legislative in Philippines)and Apollo 69 Industrial proprietorship Record’s.the inhibit of My Proprietor Record’s is in NSA,Industries LLC.(making of Password).that I’ll Mentioned All Ready.on going to “International chamber Commerce”.that until now ive Never been in hands My earnest Money in all Industrial Companies.on which I’ll in hands at first the “cheque”amount giving by Her majesty queen and King Philips inside the hospital in Buckingham,United Kingdom.on which not fare those person,that they saying they are my truly relatives commit and get the Cheque Amount or Payment on me and my group people.that we looking forward our “equity”to continue and pursuing that we are the truly first owner based in record in Apollo 69.your honor,kindly,please tells to king Philips and Prince William and also to prince harry, that my Compromise Letter’s,is meant for held and helping me by in hands my “Proprietorship entitle”including my Cheque List in financial Bank of The Philippines.to claim a little funds using by searching my truly Partner’s owner in 501 industrial companies.and lasting my film in exhibit at knowing by general john F.Campbell and Vice President Micheal pense.by coordinates,direct in me.in which nothing involved in the People of the Philippines.Specially to president duterte and other politic’s and government official.that,i’ll confirm they expending money in coming from my Proprietorship in 501 Industrial Companies.at knowing the Password giving in “ICC Headquarter’s”are:125-03056,126-03156,127-03256,128-03356,129-03456,130-03556,131-03656.that this are the 501 Industrial companies contains in record between the three Security Agency.Apollo 69,ICC headquarter’s,NSA,Industries LLC at Mary Land,USA.anyway,the security code is 125 and 127 at having ORIX And Principality is O-G-L 8659 at Apollo 69.Including 126 at knowing Ayala Land and etc. or Green Marketing at N-I-L 56111.128 Owned Companies,Apple Company,or exact mentioned of Black Companies,code of N-A-S-A 11165,129,Yellow Companies at Having Jollibee,Yellow Cab and etc.code of A-D-O 3325,130-Blue Companies at having Convergy’s,Petron,SNR and etc.code of F-T-D-E-L 3374.and lasting Heist fund or plate 131-trading Voice Contract.Ca-94025/Face Book Company is 03756-F-T D-E-L 3374…this all your Honor,My intend to in hands My Endorsement record’s and my Cheque List…I’ll left My Contact number in telephone (+63)(02)808-66-46…I’ll wish and hoping that you will provide me at Least “Ten Thousand Dollar”for my expenses on going to “NAO/Nicholas Audit Office”.Truly Your’s,Norwin D.Osial/Larry Page Gauck.


June 10, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm