Expanded ePortal Services

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Provided by Prince William County Development Services

Customers can now submit zoning approval applications online in ePortal. A user’s guide on how to submit a zoning application can be found here.

Submitting zoning approval applications online via ePortal is voluntary, but will eventually become mandatory, due to increased high-volume demand.

The general email, zoningcounters@pwcgov.org, will continue to be available to provide answers to questions, however, applications will no longer be accepted.

All private homeowner customers will be able to continue to visit the Zoning Counters in person for assistance. Please ensure to follow all submission requirements by including a house location survey (plat) “to scale” showing the location of the proposed project and the required setback distances from property lines.

Zoning approval applications for a Typical Residential Deck Design or Joint Occupancy Evaluation (JOE1) will continue to be in person or online process, even after mandatory ePortal submission goes into effect. If the deck project application is not to the Typical Plan, the zoning approval application will need to be submitted via ePortal.

For more information, please visit pwcva.gov, email zoningcounters@pwcgov.org,or call (703) 792-6830.

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