Fashion Trend or Fashion Cycle?

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Fashion Trend:Fashion Cyle - JPEg.001On occasion, a fashionista remarks with some disappointment, “There are no new trends, but rather a recycling of fashion.”  There is a bit of an accuracy to this statement. For many fashion insiders and devotees, it may seem that much of fashion is recycled.

Fashion evolves. To understand the continuous evolution of fashion and its trends, we have to define a trend. A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Fashion interfaces with society—how society lives and interacts with the world. Fashion develops and transforms with the needs and wants of society. The trends of fashion reflect an ever-changing society.

Fashion is also a fast-paced industry. Consumer demands, economic factors, and cultural influences impact the productivity of styles and trends, and the cyclical nature of the industry. Fashion brands and designers are entrusted to create innovative products to inspire and to satisfy clients want more or less of something. Fashion frequently recycles for contemporary, re-imagined interpretations. But to say there is nothing new happening within fashion, perhaps is not so fair.

Two areas of fashion innovation that greatly impact modern styles and trends:

Proportions: Designers reinterpret the perception of color, form, silhouette, and proportion in the creation process of contemporary styles. Different silhouette proportions and liberal applications of layers, textures, and color combinations are influencing design trends.

Textiles: Technology and fashion intersect in design with new innovative fabrics. Laser cutting, digital printing, tactile texturizing, and reinventing traditional fabrics and weaves are just a few new concepts revolutionizing the direction of fashion.

Fashion trend or fashion cycle—does it matter? Sure it does! Perhaps the question shouldn’t be whether the direction of fashion innovates with new trends or recycles for fresh interpretations, but does fashion creations generate inspiration and imagination to its fans and public? Fostering the expression of individuality with imaginative and inspirational designs should and does matter.

Wardrobe & style consultant, Roxy L. Rowton (, spends much of her workweek in the closet or the fitting room helping women look and feel their very best. She makes it her work to help women with practical, effortless solutions in wardrobe construction and selection. She has two plus decades in the fashion, apparel, and beauty industries, as well as a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Her wardrobe/style consulting business Everyday Refinement is based in Prince William County.



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