Feeling Renewed. You?

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Rebecca Barnes Publisher Prince William Living and Brides and Wesddings magazines
Rebecca Barnes, Publisher

April is a month for renewal, as is spring in general. So, it’s fitting that I tell you I’m celebrating a personal renewal. As many of you know, I have been undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. I am pleased to say that it’s behind me now, and I look forward to healthier days ahead. The second announcement is that this is the inaugural issue of our new Editor in Chief, Katherine Gotthardt. Katherine brings her own fresh perspective, picking up where Kim Howard left off, and we’re pleased to have her.

In keeping with this idea of renewal, we offer our feature story by Amy Taylor who writes about architecture in our area. Amy examines the old, the new and the refurbished, giving some insights into styles we often take for granted. Our Giving Back piece this month is by Carla Christiano, who reports on the local Lions Clubs and how they create a kind of renewal of their own by supporting the community in a “visible” way. In Local Flavor, Jane Fullerton Lemons tells the story behind Okra’s Cajun Creole, the restaurant’s contributions to the community culture and its anniversary celebration. And Helena Tavares Kennedy gives us a unique place to go in Destinations—the local landfill. That’s right. There’s good reason to visit.

We hope you enjoy those and all the articles you read here this month. We also ask that if you currently receive Prince William Living free of charge, please purchase or “renew” your subscription. Doing so helps us continue to serve as a community asset, highlighting the positive in this area we all call home.

All the best,

Rebecca Barnes, Publisher


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