FEMA is Updating Floodplain Maps in the County

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Provided by Prince William County

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, is conducting a study to update floodplain maps for many of the streams in Prince William County. The study will result in revisions to the county’s Flood Insurance Rate maps and any changes could impact floodplain insurance rates for residents, according to the Prince William County Public Works Department. Prince William County does not determine floodplain insurance rates; the rates are determined by FEMA.

The proposed floodplain map updates are for county’s non-coastal streams in the Middle Potomac Anacostia Watershed and will include all of the streams in the county with the exception of Powells, Quantico and Chopawamsic creeks.

At this time, FEMA and the county are inviting interested residents, developers, engineers and surveyors to share relevant information including flooding concerns. The information provided to FEMA through the Public Works Department may provide FEMA and its contractors with valuable information and details as they work on the floodplain updates.

FEMA will release its preliminary floodplain map in early 2017. Within three to four months after the maps are released, FEMA will hold a public meeting to explain the maps and to get residents’ comments. Additionally, FEMA will provide a 90-day appeal period so that the county and residents can comment on the map updates. After the appeal period, FEMA will resolve the comments and finalize the map updates. The maps and insurance rates will go into effect within six months after FEMA releases the final maps, according to county documents.

The Prince William County Public Works Department will post the information it receives on its webpage. People with questions can call Prince William County Environmental Services at 703-792-7070. Comments may also be mailed to: Environmental Services Division, Attn: Flood Risk Study, 5 County Complex Court, Suite 170, Prince William, VA 22192.


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