Finding More Time Now For Fun Stuff Later

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By Melissa Davies

Melissa Davies

April is one of the best weather months in this region!  We enjoy longer days and consistently warmer temperatures. It’s easy to let important tasks fall behind when all you want to do is be outside. So how do we ensure that we have more disposable time to play outside and enjoy the fun side of life?

Start by asking what are the things that you WANT to be doing?  Are there roles that you pick up because you face a series of blank stares from your family – and let’s face it, it’s just easier to do the tasks than deal with the grumbling? What could you do to make the tasks a little more palatable?

Instead of arriving at the end of summer and thinking to yourself all of the fun things that you (again) didn’t take part in, identify these now.  Make a wish list, go crazy! Write down that you want to do before September rolls around. Think about how much joy you would bring to your life just by doing a few of the things on your list!  Then grab your calendar and identify what you’ll commit to attending/doing.

Remember that by creating extra time in your life, you’ll have to give up something along the way.

  • Your child needs to bring cupcakes to a school function. Normally you’d spend the time baking, icing, producing mini-masterpieces!  Instead consider the value in picking up something from the grocery store, thus creating time for an evening walk with your child, sharing time together instead!
  • Spring cleaning needs to be tackled? Have your children help out – even if it takes you some time along the way to teach them what to do.  Will they complain?  Quite possibly but the tasks still need to be completed so teaching them when they’re younger makes it easier later in life.
  • Speaking of cleaning, some individuals find great pleasure and satisfaction in these tasks. Me?  I love the feeling of accomplishment when cleaning through closets and finding new homes for things – out of my own home!  However, housecleaning just isn’t my favorite activity.  I would rather coach an extra client, doing something I love to do, and then pay to have the cleaning completed.  I learned the act of cleaning things from my closets from my father and then the enjoyment of having my home cleaned from my mother!
  • Try the minimalist approach! Do you REALLY need all of the things in your home?  How about the extra items you picked up at the new home store at Potomac Mills?  Consider putting those items back on the shelf instead of in your trunk.  If you couldn’t resist a new pair of shoes at DSW or new golf shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods, remember the rule of balance.  For each pair of new shoes that you bring home, one pair needs to be donated.  If you bring new clothes instead, you need to remove something from your closet. Consider cleaning out your closet regardless of whether or not you’re bringing. extra things in.
  • Instead of waiting to do your taxes until April 14th, do them in February. For those of you who save receipts in a shoebox, use a home bookkeeping program throughout the year.  There are plenty of applications available to help you!

Personally, instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day ho-hum, I’d rather be doing any of these:

I practice what I preach. Come join me at the Jimmy Buffet concert at Jiffy Lube Live, May 20th!


Melissa Davies (, author of “How Not to Act Like a BLEEP at Work,” resides in Prince William County and runs Wise Ways Consulting, which specializes in executive coaching, group facilitation and high-engagement training. 



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