Finding Your Religious Compass

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I grew up in a Catholic home. My father converted to Catholicism the year that I made my First Holy Communion. But, more importantly than being raised in a home with religion was that my parents raised my four older siblings and me to be good people by using our faith in God as our compass. And did I mention that I was raised in the Deep South where ours was the only Catholic church in the county? Luckily, Prince William has more offerings than my hometown did.

If you are looking for your compass, Prince William has many options. We are as diverse in religious communities as we are in ethnicities and race. This month’s cover story, “Finding Faith: Religions Across the Region” by Helena Tavares Kennedy explores Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Pagan religions that have places of worship within the county lines. Find out how some of these religions vary and how their leaders come together to help our diverse community.

Big party? Check. Venue? Check. Caterer? I’m still looking. If local caterers are people you want to connect with, then look no further than this month’s Local Flavor. In a different twist on local flavors, instead of writing about restaurants, Marianne Weaver writes about caterers who don’t have a restaurant. In “Party Planning 101: Call in the Caterers,” she discusses how they each got their start, what kind of food they serve and how you can contact these local businesses.

Delia Engstrom wrote about the Thomasson Dairy Farm and interviewed the owners, who converted it a to brew house with a splash of entertainment on the side. This month’s Destinations article is “Live at the Farm,” and you will find out how this 50-year-old barn was transformed into a destination brewery campus and what offerings they have in food, drink, and entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, are your choices more refined? Do you love to listen to singers or a chorus? If listening to this type of music interests you, Dan Verner’s On a High Note “Shining Like Silver” is the article for you. He profiles the Manassas Chorale and its Silver Anniversary.

The dog days of summer are here. Children will return to school soon. Young adults will go off to college, and local pools are busy. Stay cool and enjoy all that Prince William has to offer, which includes a variety of houses of worship.

Kim Howard, CAE
Editor in Chief


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