The Firehouse Foodie: Pride & Performance

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Provided by Frank E. Vaerewijck, FF/EMT, Engineer & Fire House Chef

Pina Colada

“Love the obvious pride on DCFD E15 – from the well packed hosebed, to the neighborhood name on their layout pack. When you see pride like this OFF the fireground, there’s no doubt you can expect all-star performance ON the fireground. Keep up that Anacostia pride.” I read these words in a Facebook post from Traditions Training, LLC. These words were under a picture of District of Columbia Fire Departments Engine with a really cool hose wrap and “ANACOSTIA” written in Old English Text MT around the last section of hose that hangs down from a beautifully packed hose bed to a Humat Valve.

All over the world you see pride displayed in rigs, and many times that pride leads to an elevated height of performance. They strive to be better than ones’ brothers and achieve the bragging rights that come with being on top. Being on top comes with a price, though, and that price is not paid with a plastic card or paper currency; it’s paid with sweat and repetition.

One of the guys at my station, John Buttrick, says all the time, “You can either be that guy, or you can be that guy…” If you are not paying attention to what he is saying, you will miss his point completely. Either be the guy sitting on the couch, filling a space at the shift, or be the guy that is always learning, always training, always building his pride and performance. Personal pride and performance will lead to company pride and performance, which leads to department pride and performance – and “That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home!”

Pina Colada full of Pride

¼ cup of frozen pineapple

½ cup coconut cream

½ cup coconut milk

½ cup rum

Fresh Pineapple sliced into wedges

After filling a blender hallway with ice cubes, add all the above ingredients and puree. Cut a wedge about ¾ from the bottom tip up to garnish. Pour into a large cup, garnish with your wedge, kick back, be proud of your creation and Enjoy! Oh yeah, if you have any left in the blender, share it, and always make refills fresh, they’re better that way! Remember, don’t drink and drive, don’t drink at work, and most of all, drink responsibly. Keep it safe, and NOTHING GOOD has ever came from saying “Here! Hold my drink and watch this!”




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