Fireworks Safety Tips

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Even legal fireworks can be dangerous. Take special precautions to celebrate safely. Here are helpful tips from the Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office and the American Pyrotechnics Association.

Approved Stand

Purchase legal consumer fireworks from a stand approved by the PWC Fire Marshal’s Office. Look for brightly colored labels with the manufacturer’s name, directions and warnings.

Approved Fireworks

Only approved fireworks can be possessed or discharged in Prince William County. That list is at

Adult Supervision

A sober, responsible adult should be in charge. Children should not handle fireworks, including sparklers. Read and follow the label directions. Always wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks.

Proper Location

Fireworks should only be used outdoors on a driveway, sidewalk or other fire-resistant surface that is
level, hard, free of debris and away from buildings.

Nearby Water

Have a working garden hose or bucket of water handy. Wet the area where fireworks will be used.

Proper Disposal

Allow finished fireworks to stand for at least 20 minutes and submerge them in water. Place sparklers in a metal container to prevent accidents. Never pick-up or re-ignite a firework that doesn’t light the first time.

Spectator Safety

Keep spectators at a safe distance. Sit at least 500 feet away for best views of the fireworks.

Sparkler Safety

Sparklers burn hot and should only be used under adult supervision. Find tips at


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