Flag Certificate Presented at Northern Virginia Community College

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Provided by Col. William Grayson Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

On Nov. 26 at the Provost’s Staff Meeting, Compatriot Dave Button presented a certificate to the Provost’s Staff at the Manassas Campus of Northern Virginia Community College. This will allow flying the flag lighted 24/7/365.

The day-to-day maintenance of the flag is under the direct supervision of the NVCC Manassas Police force.  The police force sees to it that the flag is flown in accordance with proper flag etiquette. They also ensure that it is adjusted daily, depending on proclamations of both the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To ensure that the flag is properly displayed, the facilities staff checks the physical condition of the lighting system, the halyard, and the flag to ensure that all are in appropriate condition for operation and display.



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