“Flat Stanley” Teacher Version in PWCS

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Creative PWCS educators are “cloning” themselves “Flat Stanley” style! Nothing beats the real thing, but these cardboard and virtual flat versions of our teachers are the next best thing.

Shannon Zachariasen is a teacher at Springwoods Elementary School. She read the book “Flat Stanley” to her class and then designed “Flat Mrs. Zachariasens” to send to each student. She asked the students to take pictures in different spots doing various learning activities and include her flattened likeness.

To date, Mrs. Zachariasen has attended a virtual dance class, gone to a tea party, smelled the state flower, helped with yard work, and hung out with some garden gnomes!

Students having a tea party, dancing, and identifying plants with their "flat teacher" Mrs. Zachariasen
“I’m hoping it’s something to make the kids and their families smile and keep us all connected,” said Zachariasen.

Across the Division, albeit in “mini form,” teachers are joining their students for learning adventures. At Montclair Elementary School, the flat “bitmoji” version of first-grade teacher Tina Katz participated in muffin making and the release of butterflies.

"Flat Mrs. Katz" makes muffins with Montclair ES student"Flat Mrs. Katz" joins a student as she releases butterflies.





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