Flow Circus: Can You Dig It?

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pwc library(Prince William County, VA, 06/24/2013)… Skillful juggling! Mystifying magic! Comic timing! These all combine into a performance you’ll never forget as Paul Miller of Flow Circus takes us back to one memorable summer when his eccentric uncle comes to visit. Unlike any other adult Paul knows, his uncle opens up an exciting, new world of play through stories, books, juggling, magic, and more. More importantly, he encourages Paul not just to copy what others are doing, but to dig deeper and explore his own unique interests and talents. This program will be held on Wednesday, July 31 at 10:30 a.m. This program is for students entering grades 1 and older.

Free tickets are required and may be picked up beginning July 24.

For further information about this program, visit Central Community Library, 8601 Mathis Avenue, Manassas, VA, or call 703-361-8211 (voice); 703-361-7572 (TTY) or on the web at www.pwcgov.org/library .


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