Forest Park High School Senior Class Honors Former Classmate

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Provided by Prince William County Schools


Following tradition, students representing the Class of 2017 have launched the year with their vision of the future, and it is limitless. The signature rock in front of the school this year also remembers a beloved classmate, Nathan Wiley, who died in August. Nathan participated in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps at the school and was an active, involved student through his junior year.

Senior Class Sponsor Steve Carbone shares the following details on this colorful and meaningful rock:

As a departing gift in 2008, high school seniors donated a rock to the campus. Each year since, the graduating class has been allowed to decorate the rock as a reflection of their hopes and dreams. Seniors Claire Ketch and Claire Willard, both prospective art majors at Forest Park, worked on coming up with a design to paint the rock that followed the class theme of “lim17less” instead of a generic rock with “Seniors 2017.”

Malia Haskovec met with managers at Home Depot in Woodbridge who generously donated several cans of paint, and Grace Gaudin and Robbie Koch helped with the actual painting. Both Claire Ketch and Claire Willard spent hours in the 90-degree sun working to finish the rock before the first game.  If you look closely, the twinkle in the stars isn’t actually glitter, it’s the thousands of tiny gnats that joined them each day and got stuck in the paint. A special tribute in the form of a yellow ribbon was included to remember the tragic loss of Nathan Wiley, one of their classmates who had attended Forest Park through his junior year. While Nathan is no longer with them, the students wanted to show he is in the stars looking over them.


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