The French Pig: The Butcher & The Cook

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the butcher and the cookWhen American charcuterie teacher Kate Hill and French farmer/butcher Dominique Chapolard come from Southwest France, they pack their bags full of the traditional techniques of butchering and making French Farmhouse charcuterie as practiced on The Chapolard Family farm in Gascony.

What is Farmstead Charcuterie? Borrowing the definition from ‘farmhouse’ or ‘farmstead’ cheeses, ‘farmstead charcuterie’ is made with meat from animals raised on a single farm. On the Ferme Baradieu in Gascony, not only does the Chapolard family butcher 8-10 of their 12-month-old pigs each week and transform the 400 lb. carcasses into French Farmstead Charcuterie, but they grow all the cereal and feed on their 30 sow, 100 acre farm—a true seed-to-sausage operation.

This is a hands-on workshop as Dominique and Kate will help you discover the French way to butcher and breakdown a pig for charcuterie and create a butcher’s dozen of traditional French Farmstead charcuterie including: noix de jambon, jambonneaux, ventrèche roulée, fricandeaux, paté de campagne, paté en croute, paté de tête, saucisse de Toulouse, saucisson, saucisse seche, paupiettes, rillettes, and grattons. 

This intensive, two-day master class includes 15 hours of demonstration tutoring and hands on experience. French-style seam butchery for charcuterie and making the above products are underscored by a comprehensive Seed-to-Sausage farming presentation based on the Chapolard’s modern approach to working their traditional family farm in Southwest France.

Dates & Locations: all events are open to the public.

April 23-24 2013         Woodbridge, Virginia- Stratford University School of Culinary Arts

Contact:  Jordan Lichman <>                    

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Workshop Fees include: 15 hours instruction- both demonstration and hands on; all meat and workshop materials costs; class written materials; lunches & beverages. Optional supper or other casual gatherings to be announced. Two Day Workshop Fees: $ 875 per person; Workshops limited to 20 participants max.


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