Fringe Benefits Band to Offer Additional Benefit: Designated Driver Program

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The Fringe Benefits Band

The Fringe Benefits Band

Playing at Jiffy Lube Live’s VIP club, private events, local bars and more, The Fringe Benefits Band has seen it all, including the need for responsible drinking and driving. That’s why on January 9, 2016, the band will launch “The Fringe Benefits Band Designated Driver Program.” For most shows held in bars, the band will pay for designated drivers’ non-alcoholic drinks.

“Bars hire us to attract and hold a crowd that spends money,” says the band’s guitar synth player and manager, Bruce Moore. PWL “Those bar sales make hiring a band profitable. I think we can keep our fans safe and bring more people to our shows with this program.”

Moore is asking club owners to charge the band $1 each for sodas, coffee and tea for designated drivers one hour before the show until 30 minutes after the show. A designated driver is someone who commits to drinking no alcohol and is driving someone who is drinking alcohol.

Ron Miner of Lion and Bull in Haymarket “upped the ante,” saying: “I will be most happy to assist in this, but I wouldn’t charge the band. If we can make this work, I will donate the cost of those goods.”

Miner was a commander for the Fairfax County Police Department’s Crash Reconstruction Unit for eight years. During that time, he made several hundred death notifications for traffic fatalities. “Anything to reduce death and injury on the roads is a priority. Happy to help in any way I can,” says Miner.

Prince William County Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe says, “The Fringe Benefits Band’s Designated Driver Program is a great idea. Our community wants for everyone to be able to have fun when they are out with friends. This program helps ensure that everyone gets home safe when the evening comes to an end.”

Because of Moore’s extensive involvement in the community, band members have dubbed him “The President of Manassas.” Hal Parrish, Mayor of Manassas, is well aware of Moore’s dedication to the community and supports Moore’s program.

“This is a great idea,” Parrish says. “The Fringe Benefits Band is taking the lead on keeping people safe. I hope other bands and/or bars will take up this challenge to keep people safe on the roads.”

Kevin Malone of Malone’s in Manassas will be the first in Manassas to participate in the program.

The Fringe Benefits Band will play January 9 at Lion and Bull, Haymarket; January 23 at Velocity 5, Sterling; January 30 at Malone’s, Manassas; February 27 at Horseshoe Casino, Baltimore; and March 4 at Lion and Bull, Haymarket.

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