From Shelter Dog to Service Dog

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Provided by Prince William Humane Society

From shelter dog to service dog! The Prince William Humane Society teamed up with Off Leash K9 Training and the Throw Away Dogs Project. One of our own rescue dogs has been repurposed, train, and relocated to an Indiana police department.

Jasper is a two-year-old Pit Bull mix originally found as a stray. Through the Humane Society’s partnership with the county animal shelter,  Jasper was transferred to the offsite adoption center. It became clear that his high level of energy, loyalty, and ball drive made him destined for something unique and with a purpose to serve.

Nick White at Off Leash K9 Training conducted two initial assessments with Jasper. He paired the Humane Society with the Throw Away Dogs Project, who specialize in repurposing, training, and relocating unique dogs to positively impact our communities. Jasper’s progress through the program has been amazing.

The potential that this shelter dog demonstrated to his trainers is now becoming a reality! Our K9 Jasper now has a job!

Upon completion of his Narcotic Detection Training with the Throw Away Dogs Project, Jasper will head to Indiana. He’ll meet his new handler, live happily in his forever home, and serve as a member of the Kennard Police Department. Congratulations to Jasper!


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