From the BOCS Chair: Noise Concerns and the Budget

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Provided by Prince William BOCS Chair Ann Wheeler’s Office

Two items from the Tuesday Board of County Supervisors meeting are highlighted here. The first one is the Board’s actions in addressing data center noise concerns and the second is the County’s proposed budget.

Data Center Noise

As outlined in the County Press Release, due to concerns regarding data center uses, the Board:

The County Budget

County Executive Christopher Shorter presented the proposed Fiscal Year 2024 (FY2024) Budget, which starts on July 1, 2023. Although it may seem perplexing, fiscal years are commonly not aligned with the calendar year and, for government budgets, often begin six months before to the named year.

Two items to highlight in the proposed budget are:

  • The tax rate has been lowered by 6 cents, from $1.03 to $.977 to offset a 6% increase in average home values. This proposed decrease results in an average tax bill increase of 1% or $49.
  • The vast majority of increases in spending go toward increased compensation for County staff, which is based on a compensation study to make Prince William County more competitive regionally, and an increase in the transfer to the schools, who still lag regionally in spending per pupil.

This is the beginning of the budget season. It will continue to be adjusted through April. More opportunities for involvement during the process can be found here. You can read the proposed budget in its entirety, as well as learn more in the 32-page overview, by visiting its website, and reading the press release.



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