from the publisher March 2012

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Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month. In this issue, our pages are filled with stories of inspiring women—from successful entrepreneurs to the activists who fought for the right to vote so many years ago.

While you most likely are familiar with the suffragists’ movement, you may not realize that a part of their struggle took place right over the Occoquan River from Prince William, at the Occoquan Workhouse. There, several women fighting for suffrage were imprisoned after being arrested for protesting in Washington, D.C. Learn about a local initiative to build a national memorial honoring their efforts, in Carla Christiano’s “Commemorating a ‘Turning Point’ in Women’s History” on page 4. You are sure to gain a deeper appreciation for the heroic lengths these pioneering women went to in fighting for this essential right.

Fast forward to modern-day Prince William and you will still find women working to support other women. In fact, this month’s “Giving Back” features an organization originally founded by suffragists. Go to page 22 for highlights of the many ways that the local chapter, Zonta Club of Prince William County, contributes to programs that benefit women all around the world.

“On a High Note,” on page 12, introduces you to activist and award-winning writer Katherine Gotthardt, an advocate for human rights. Find out how her writing helped her to weather the storm that ensued after she took a vocal stance on a controversial issue.

This month, we also talked to some inspirational movers and shakers in the local business community. In “Going Places,” on page 20, Manassas-based ImagineDesign President Rebecca Vaughan-King shares her philosophies on growing a company, supporting small businesses and giving back. The only question this busy professional doesn’t tackle: When does she sleep?

Luckily, entrepreneur Denise Stern is tackling the sleep question, at least for new parents. Her innovative company, Let Mommy Sleep, provides support and resources for smoothly transitioning into parenthood. In “Taking Care of Business,” on page 18, Stern tells us what motivated her to start the business and the secret behind its success.

Of course, we sneaked in a few columns, too. With topics from new restaurants to overcoming decorating dilemmas, you won’t want to miss these either!


Rebecca Barnes

Prince William Living Publisher


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