“Fueling the Frontline” Initiative

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Provided by Prince William County Bar Association (PWC Bar)

The Prince William County Bar Association has partnered with Novant UVA Health Systems and area restaurants to launch the Fueling the Frontline initiative.  According to Tracey Lenox, Esq., President of the PWC Bar, “We’ve … been looking for ways to support our local healthcare heroes and local businesses hit hard by the pandemic. This program gives the members of our local bar association a great way to do that.”

Azadeh Malkek, Esq., and Mark Branca, Esq., developed and administer this program. According to Malkek and Branca, “The goals of the new initiative are to thank healthcare workers at Prince William Medical Center who serve on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic … [They’ll be provided] with takeout meals purchased from local restaurants that faced economic hardship due to mandated reduction in service orders.”

Member Support

Bar Association members were generous with donations to support the purchase of a carryout dinner for the entire shift of healthcare workers in the emergency room and critical care units at Prince William Hospital, where COVID patients are cared for.  According to Elizabeth Rodemsky, Manager, Volunteer Services for Novant, there are about 50 workers per ER and Critical Care shift.  When the first dinner was delivered in July, the staff on duty that evening was thrilled. Rodemsky said, “The support of the community means everything to them.  Many thanks for all you do.”

The PWC Bar has already raised enough money to purchase and deliver another dinner in September. They hope to keep the program going as long as needed. Special thanks to Zandra’s Taqueria, who prepared the first dinner at a discount.  This initiative brings the legal, medical and restaurant communities together and makes everyone feel like we are all in this together. To find out more about this and other community service programs sponsored by the PWC Bar, visit pwcba.org.

PWC bar, feeding the front lines

Devon Richardson, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager and Michael Anderson, Emergency Services Technician, who were working the evening shift at PW Hospital when dinner was delivered, complements of the PWC Bar Association and Zandra’s Taqueria.


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