Fun and Interesting Days to Celebrate in July

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Provided by Prince William County

International Joke Day is on July 1, so here is a joke to start the month.

What’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? One you’ll see later; the other you’ll see after a while.

July is packed with other days of note as well, according to

July 2 is World UFO Day when everyone can be a sci-fi enthusiast for a day and watch for unidentified flying objects. July 2 is significant because it is the anniversary of the day in 1947 when something interesting supposedly happened at Roswell, New Mexico. Some say a UFO crashed there.

On July 2, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, sweeping legislation, which integrated schools, prohibited discrimination in public places and made employment discrimination illegal.

July 4 is Independence Day to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

July 7 is National Strawberry Sundae Day, as if anytime is not a good time for the treat. Many cities in the United States still lay claim to inventing the strawberry sundae that originated in the late 1880s.

July 12 is National Pecan Pie Day. Pecan pies often pop up around the holidays, but the middle of July is also a good time to enjoy the dessert with ice cream, whipped cream or all by itself. Nationally, people buy 186 million pecan pies each year.

July 18 is Nelson Mandela International Day. Mandela triumphed over apartheid in South Africa. He was a human rights lawyer, who was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to overthrow the state in 1962. He served 27 years in prison before his release and was later elected president in the country’s first  fully democratic election. Mandela was the first black president of South Africa.

On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to land on the moon in the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle. In the two hours and 15 minutes the two astronauts were on the surface of the moon, they collected 47.5 pounds of lunar material. In all, Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21 hours, 39 minutes on the lunar surface before they lifted off from the landing area, called Tranquility Base, to join astronaut Michael Collins, who was orbiting the moon in the command module Columbia.

July 27 is National Crème Brûlée Day, held to celebrate the incredibly delicious vanilla custard with a brittle caramelized sugar topping. Crème Brûlée, or burnt crème in French, is also known as Trinity Burnt Crème and Crema Catalina. Take July 27 to enjoy the crunchy, creamy, luxurious dessert.


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